Best Kids Birthday Party Yo-Yo Tricksters in San Diego, CA

So you want something unique for your event? Ever wanted to master a yo-yo? Well not only do our Tricksters perform mind boggling yo-yo stunts but they will teach them to you. Our professionals can give away yo-yo’s as gifts or prizes too!

  • Yo-Yo’s to hand out to all the kids – extra
The magician was GREAT with the kids and had the right kind age appropriate tricks for the kids and threw in some jokes for the parents as well. They all watched the entire show and at the end he made balloon animals for each kid which was of course a BIG hit. I received several compliments from the parents at the party saying what a great idea that was.
Jen G.
The children had a blast, the adults likewise. My friend was delighted with her decision to have Just 4 Kidz be a part of her daughter’s special day, and the rest of us were delighted with the results. It’s a definite thumbs up if you’re searching for something fun and original, with that professional edge that promises an event nobody will soon forget.
Just 4 Kidz did such amazing balloon designing work. They constructed a whole entire balloon backyard for a kidz party last weekend in San Diego. They also constructed road lights, and trellises, and archways and… every thing… all made from really awesome balloons! It was truly fantastic. There is some real artistry, imagination and talent at Just 4 Kidz.
Carmen A.
The owner of Just 4 Kidz took great care of us. There was a mixup about the date of my event which I did not catch until 2 days before the party and he made some quick schedule changes and made sure our party was covered. He was so helpful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend hiring Just 4 Kidz for fun entertainment.
I’m not going to give away the different aspects of the show and all the great magic tricks involved, because it’s way more fun to be surprised by everything. But there was something for everyone. The magician made sure the kidz were involved in every trick (illusion) and the children were delighted every time they were called to the stage or asked to contribute.
Emma V.

Why Choose Just 4Kids For Your Next Party?

Just 4 Kidz has been providing the highest quality entertainment to San Diego corporations and families for over 25 years. Recognized and approved by the San Diego School board, Just 4 Kidz is the only licensed and insured family entertainment company in the county.

Our commitment to entertainment goes back 38 years where Cameron, our CEO, started performing magic and comedy as a small child. Cameron, recently married, sought an opportunity to stay home to start a family. Not desiring to perform himself but wanting to stay in show business, he purchased Just 4 Kidz in April.

His wife, with dual degrees in child psychology and nursing, has also worked as a teacher. She took over as COO to oversee the day to day operations and bring new insight to our entertainers. The two of them have diverse backgrounds in family entertainment. Choosing not to perform themselves gives Just 4 Kidz a unique and fresh perspective compared to other companies that promote their own act first. We are more concerned that our clients, corporate or family, will trust our opinions and call us again and again.